Training Videos

   Many people do not know they are dead spiritually from birth. They do not understand their need of being born-again spiritually or how they can accept Christ as Savior and be saved. I was 21 years old before anyone explained it to me.
   If you are not 100% sure you will go to Heaven when you die, click on the Salvation video below and listen to the 16 minute presentation. You can have forgiveness of sins, receive eternal life, have real inner peace and know for sure when you die, you will go to Heaven!
   Years ago, God led me to develop some basic and easy to understand Bible lessons to help believers grow in their faith. Many people who have been truly saved, have never been properly discipled. This often results in immature behavior and little or no service for Him.
   I have prepared fourteen different lessons (Discipleship I – seven lessons and Discipleship II – seven lessons). The information has been used of God to help many Christians grow in their walk with the Lord. Various people who attended the classes have commented about how much a help and encouragement the lessons were to them. Some have gone on to serve the Lord in full-time ministry.
   The Discipleship lessons are listed below. Simply click on a topic and you will be able to listen to a video (average length is 12 minutes). Each one has photographs and illustrations to help clarify the information. In the very near future, we hope to have all 14 lessons available for you!

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Believer’s Baptism